Fall 2020
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
09/01/2020 Prof. Adam Helfer
Gravitational radiation memory effects
09/08/2020 Prof. Haojing Yan
Changing-look Quasars
09/15/2020 Dr. John Pharo
Overdensities, Emission Lines, and Star Formation in the Faint Infrared Grism Survey
09/22/2020 Weichen Wang (Johns Hopkins University)
Galactic Winds at High Redshift: Where Do They Come from?
09/29/2020 Dr. Christina Williams (U. of Arizona / Steward Obs.)
Discovery of massive, infrared-"dark" galaxies in the early Universe, and our future view with the James Webb Space Telescope
10/06/2020 Lisa Shepard
Satellite Mega-Constellations and the Night Sky
10/13/2020 Siddhartha Gurung Lopez (MS&T)
Determining the systemic redshift of Lyman-alpha emitters with neural networks and improving the measured large-scale clustering
10/20/2020 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
The Science of Fundamental Catalogs
10/27/2020 Lauryn Williams
REU Experience: Comparisons of Novel Imaging and Spectroscopic Infrared Eclipse Observations in 2017
11/03/2020 Dripta Bhattacharjee (MS&T)
Absolute calibration of the global network of GW detectors and its implications for LIGO science
11/10/2020 Dr. Ryan Quitzow-James (MS&T)
11/17/2020 TBD
12/01/2020 Dr. Xin Wang (Caltech)
12/08/2020 Chenxiaoji (Jimmy) Ling
Spring 2020
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
02/04/2020 Prof. Adam Helfer
Hawking radiation and tunneling
02/11/2020 Prof. Adam Helfer
Hawking radiation and tunneling (II)
Fall 2019
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
08/27/2019 Prof. Adam Helfer
More on “magnetic” effects in general relativity
09/03/2019 Prof. Adam Helfer
More on “magnetic” effects in general relativity (II)
09/10/2019 Bandon Decker (UMKC)
The Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS): Stellar mass fractions of infrared-selected galaxy clusters at z~1
09/17/2019 Dr. Timothy Carleton
Environmental Influences on Ultra Diffuse Dwarf Galaxies


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