Fall 2019
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
08/27/2019 Prof. Adam Helfer
More on “magnetic” effects in general relativity
09/03/2019 Prof. Adam Helfer
More on “magnetic” effects in general relativity (II)
09/10/2019 Bandon Decker (UMKC)
The Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS): Stellar mass fractions of infrared-selected galaxy clusters at z~1
09/17/2019 Dr. Timothy Carleton
Environmental Influences on Ultra Diffuse Dwarf Galaxies
09/24/2019 Kentaro Mogushi (MUS&T)
Jet Geometry and Rate Estimate of Coincident short Gamma-Ray Burst and Gravitational-Wave Observations
10/01/2019 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
PEXO: a package for precise exoplanetology
10/08/2019 Dr. Kristen Jones (U. Kansas)
The Connection Between Active Galactic Nuclei and Their Environments
10/15/2019 TBD
10/22/2019 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
The Lagrangian mechanics of N-body system with arbitrary multipole moments
10/29/2019 TBD
11/05/2019 Dr. Kevin Cooke (U. Kansas)
Magnificent Constructions: The Role of Environment on the Stellar Mass Growth of Massive Galaxies
11/12/2019 Lisa Shepard
A Look at Small Solar System Bodies
11/19/2019 Prof. Haojing Yan
Tidal Disruption Events (TDEs) and Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs): transients that you ought to know something about
12/03/2019 Jimmy Lin
Recent discoveries and their implications of the past, present, and future of the Local Group
Spring 2019
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
01/29/2019 Prof. Adam Helfer
`Magnetic' effects in general relativity (I)
02/05/2019 Prof. Adam Helfer
`Magnetic' effects in general relativity (II)
02/12/2019 Prof. Marco Cavaglia (Missouri S&T)
One wave, Two neutron stars, Three Nobel laureates...Ten black hole pairs: The birth of multi-messenger astrophysics
02/19/2019 TBD
02/26/2019 TBD
03/05/2019 Dr. Timothy Carleton
Tidal Disruption Events and Their Host Galaxies


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