Fall 2018
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
11/06/2018 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
Covariant equations of motion of arbitrary-structured extended bodies
11/13/2018 Jimmy Lin
Studying morphology properties of Far-IR/Sub-mm galaxies in the COSMOS-DASH field
11/27/2018 Lisa Shepard
Investigating Circumstellar Dust around Mira Variables
12/04/2018 Prof. Benne Holwerda (University of Louisville)
Looking At the Distant Universe with the MeerKAT Array LADUMA
Spring 2018
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
01/23/2018 Prof. Adam Helfer
Fuzzy dark matter and quantum measurement (I)
01/30/2018 Prof. Adam Helfer
Fuzzy dark matter and quantum measurement (II)
02/06/2018 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
Twin Paradox for Layman
02/13/2018 Dr. Raina Olsen (Oak Ridge National Lab)
A Lorentz Violation in a Novel Quantum Phase
02/20/2018 Prof. Peng Yu (Westminster College)
Can one hear the shape of data? -- How spectral geometry helps dispel the curse of dimensionality
02/27/2018 Prof. Angela Speck
Lessons Learned from the 2017 Great American Eclipse
03/06/2018 Linli Yan and Prof. Aigen Li
Interstellar X-ray Absorption
03/13/2018 Prof. Do-Hyung Kim (Dankook University, Korea)
Some characteristic properties of 2D Minkowski space
03/20/2018 Prof. Haojing Yan
Detecting Signatures of First Stars by HI 21cm Line
04/03/2018 Prof. Rainer Glaser and Nicohl Corretjer
Electronic Structures, Spin Densities and Vibrational Properties of Small Graphenes C6 – C80
04/10/2018 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
Theoretical progress in formulation of post-Newtonian equations of motion of coalescing binary systems
05/01/2018 Prof. Yicheng Guo


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