Physics Club recognized as "Notable SPS Chapter"

Physics Club

In the picture: Peter W Kampschroeder, Abuzar Mahmood, Dorina Kosztin, Abigail Warden, Amrit Bal, Sarah Van Hoesen

The Physics Club (local chapter of the Society of Physics Students) has been recognized by the SPS National Council as a "Notable SPS Chapter" for their efforts to contribute to the campus community. To have the chapter named as Notable SPS Chapter indicates that efforts were made to encourage leadership skill in students and support a functioning SPS chapter.

For more information about the Physics Club, and how to become a member, please see Physics Club website.

Or contact one of the officers:
President - Amrit Kaur Bal
Vice President - Jonathan Becker
Treasurer - Peter Kampschreoder

Congratulations to all Physics Club members!