Physics Leaders' Meeting 2017

Physics Bldg

The annual Physics Leaders' meeting takes place on Friday, Oct 13th, 2017. An agenda of all activities is included. Everybody is welcome to attend!

Physics Newsletter 2017

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Missouri

Friday, October 13
Morning: Physics Room 236
8:00am Coffee and Snacks
8:15- 9:30am Sashi Satpathy, State of the Department
9:30-9:45am Silvia Bompadre, Undergraduate update
9:45-10am Paul Miceli, Graduate students update
10:00-10:10am Patrick Mooney, SPS Update
10:10-10:20am Alec Pickett, PAGSA update
10:20-10:30am Break
10:30-11:00am Yicheng Guo presentation: Measuring the Early Growth Chart of Our Milky Way
11:00- noon Leaders/faculty discussion prior to meeting with A&S Dean

Lunch: Physics Library
Room 223A Noon - 12:20pm Lunch with Leaders, faculty, guests and students
12:20pm-1:00pm For students: Leaders panel discussion – brief comments on their careers (academia, government, industry, etc..) followed by student Q&A, in Common Area Room 236

Afternoon: Physics Room 236
1:15-2:30pm Meet with Dean Okker.
2:15 -2:30pm Break Undergraduate Student Presentations:
2:30-2:45pm Pierce Bloebaum: Cran- and Acai-berry Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles: Anti-Cancer Properties against Prostate Cancer
2:45-3:00pm Patrick Mooney
3:00-3:15pm Chandler Osborne: Dead or not Dead: Study of gas-rich elliptical galaxies in the local universe
3:15-3:30pm Open Graduate Student Presentations:
3:30-3:45pm Zachary Buck: The effects of melittin on water diffusion and membrane structure in DMPC bilayers
3:45-4:00pm Alec Pickett: Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Near Infrared Photodetectors
4:00-4:15pm Joe Schaeperkoetter: Adsorption-Induced Pore Expansion In Graphene Oxide Frameworks
4:15-4:30pm Milica Utjesanovic: Theoretical and computational modeling of peptide-lipid interaction in AFM experiments
4:30-5:00pm Leaders discussion

Evening: Reynolds Alumni Center, The Great Room
6:00-9:00pm Reception and Banquet
Sashi Satpathy and David Rainwater: Presentation of 2017 Physics Leader’s Awards for Outstanding Student Presentations
Sashi Satpathy, Bill Brinkman: Presentation of Outstanding Alumni Award to Dr. Bill Brinkman, followed by remarks by Dr. Brinkman
Leaders: Open for remarks

Saturday, October 14
Morning: Physics Room 236
8:45-9:00am Coffee and snacks
9:00-10:00am Physics Leaders/Faculty discussion
10:00-11:00am Leader’s discussion • Letter to the Dean • Other topics • Next year Leader’s meeting date
11:00am Meeting adjourned