Physics major Abigail Warden presents her summer research

Abigail Warden and Prof. Carlos Wexler

On September 12, 2017, MU Office of Undergraduate Research hosted a poster session for undergraduate students, providing them with the opportunity to present their summer research conducted off-campus. Shown in the picture is physics major, Abigail Warden, explaining her summer research to Prof. Carlos Wexler. This is what Abigail had to say about her research conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey:

"Dark matter consists of about 27% of the known universe and yet its properties cannot be described by the Standard Model. My mentor, Dr. Buckley, hypothesized in a new physics model that top quarks can decay to dark matter by an unknown mediator particle. My project sought to understand this mediator particle by setting limits to the coupling factor, the strength of its interaction to the top quark. Assuming the mediator particle would intermittently decay back to top quarks, this would give results we could detect at the Large Hadron Collider. Therefore, I simulated a completed CMS multi-lepton search experiment in which four top quarks were produced. After validating my simulated results to CMS’s, the new physics model was tested using the same simulated search and further calculations gave an upper limit of 3.42 for the coupling factor.  More data with events producing four top quarks would possibly lower this limit and thus indicate stronger theoretical phenomena."

Congratulations to Abigail for her work!