Prof. Suchi Guha awarded the Excellence in Education Award

prof. Suchi Guha

The Excellence in Education Award recognizes MU educators who contribute to student learning and personal development through out-of-the classroom experiences. A critical component of student learning and success is quality interaction by students with faculty and staff. The Division of Student Affairs developed this award to publicly acknowledge the efforts of MU educators who support and value co-curricular learning.

Prof. Guha’s passion for science, her deep knowledge of cutting-edge research, and her unwavering dedication to her students make her the first choice for undergraduate students seeking a research mentor. Her name is known by all undergraduate physics majors: it is the first name usually mentioned when they ask for opportunities to become involved in research. Outside of class she helps students develop critical thinking skills, gain deep knowledge and a broader understanding of how everything works, through the research opportunities she offers. Under her careful mentorship, students develop as informed citizens who are comfortable with the science and technology that they depend on, and who can evaluate science policy decisions as voters. Prof. Suchi Guha was also the driving force behind the development of an “Emphasis in Materials Science” program for physics majors. Three of the five courses that students can take for this emphasis were developed by Prof. Guha: Advanced Physics Lab (physics 4060), Semiconductor Optics (physics 4600), and Introduction to Materials Science. This displays the extraordinary dedication she has shown in providing undergraduates with resources that prepares them for the future.

Congratulations to Prof. Suchi Guha for this well deserved award!