Resolution of the Physics and Astronomy Department in support of graduate students

Physics Bldg

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is deeply concerned about the announcement that master’s and doctoral students will no longer receive subsidies for their health insurance. Our graduate students are absolutely crucial to the research and teaching missions of our university. They deserve to be treated with more consideration and respect.

The faculty members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy strongly support the graduate student employees of the University of Missouri in their pursuit of the reinstatement of subsidized health insurance. We endorse the list of demands that the graduate students submitted to Dr. Leona Rubin on August 18, 2015, including employer-funded health insurance, full tuition waivers, and other benefits. The Physics and Astronomy faculty supports the students in their proposed walkout scheduled for Wednesday, August 26, 2015, and will not impose any sanctions on students who participate.

This resolutions was endorsed by all Physics & Astronomy Faculty