Research Highlights

Haojing Yan and his group

Assistant Professor Haojing Yan, an observational astronomer, has been working at MU since September 2011.

Gavin King in his lab

Gavin King, assistant professor of physics, completed his post doctoral work at JILA: National Institute of Standards and Technology at the University of Colorado focusing on the details of a precise atomic force microscope (AFM).

Carsten Ullrich

Carsten Ullrich, associate professor in the Department of Physics, is a theoretical physicist whose area of research is theoretical and computational condensed-matter physics.

Giovanni Vignale

It isn’t typical for a book to compare theoretical physics to literature, but that is exactly what Giovanni Vignale, Curators’ Professor of Physics, has done in his latest book, The Beautiful Invisible. The title comes from a story called The Little Prince.

Research instrumentation

Emerging new technologies utilize advanced materials that are assembled on exceedingly small scales of length. Because of their small size, these nano-scale materials often exhibit unique properties that can potentially be harnessed for applications and new science.

Ioan Kosztin

Ioan Kosztin, associate professor of physics, was awarded the 2010 Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Prize at the biennial “From Solid State to Biophysics” conference in Croatia on June 15.

Kattesh Katti

Kattesh Katti, Curators’ Professor of Physics and Radiology, applies the principles of nanotechnology to medicine. Traditional diagnostic techniques fail to detect the early stages of cancer, which makes treatment and finding a cure more difficult.

Debi Hanuscin in the classroom

Deborah Hanuscin, associate professor, began her career as an elementary teacher, and now teaches teachers through her joint appointment in physics and education as a faculty member with the MU Science Education Center.

Wouter Montfrooij

Originally from Holland, Wouter Montfrooij, associate professor of physics, has been at MU since 2002. Although his research is important to him, he says he especially enjoys teaching classes and doing public outreach.

Shi-Jie Chen

Working with post-doctoral and doctoral students, Shi-Jie Chen, professor of physics, uses theoretical and computational biophysics to study ribonucleic acid (RNA) — a polymer that plays a critical role in transporting genetic material around in a cell.