Physics Scholarships

Each year, the Department of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to be able to offer a number of undergraduate scholarships to physics majors who show great aptitude and achievement in their undergraduate studies. These scholarships have been established to honor distinguished former teachers and alumni, and to honor the students who receive them. The department does not differentiate between these various awards regarding eligibility, criteria for awards, stipends or merit. Physics scholarships are merit awards and are granted on the basis of motivation, aptitude, and achievement.

Scholarship Recipients, AY 2017-18

Zach Valleroy
Josh Miles
Pierce Bloebaum
Adam Smith
Richard McClure
Noah Schwartz
Abby Warden
Blake Goehman
Michael Dotzel
Matthew Graham
Madison Schwinn
Chandler Osborne
Phillip Hegeman
Jack Weakly
Sean Burke

Scholarship Recipients, AY 2016-17

Becker, Jonathan
Bloebaum, Pierce
Crawford-Goss, Ian
Cropp, Frederick
Heischmidt, Brett
Hutchins, Romanus
Jermain, Zachary
Kampschroeder, Peter
Ledford, Olivia
Mahmood, Abuzar
Marsh, Brendan
McClure, Richard
Miles, Joshua
Pongsua, Supawadee
Schrand, Kara
Simenson, Angelynn
Smith, Adam
Speer, Kolton
Van Hoesen, Sarah
Warden, Abigail
Wickman, Michelle
Wolenski, Conner

List of Physics Scholarships and Awards.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy places a high premium on academic scholarship. The strength of the undergraduate program lies in the quality, not the quantity, of its undergraduate majors, and the department actively seeks new majors who are themselves looking for such a program. The department welcomes scholarship applications from interested students. Decisions are made without discrimination on the basis of disability, and such decisions do not limit, segregate, or classify applicants or employees based on disability in a way that adversely affects their opportunities or status.

Applications are normally received during the month of March for the following academic year, except for transfer students and for freshmen, in which case, applications will be received at any time. The deadline for applying for a physics scholarship is the Friday before spring vacation.

Applying for a physics scholarship: Instructions for current students

All physics majors are eligible to apply for scholarship assistance. The following items are required:

  1. the Physics Scholarship Application Form. Download the form and fill it out electronically.
  2. an unofficial transcript of your academic record (printed from MyZou)
  3. one letter of recommendation (sent electronically or through regular mail to the Director of Undergraduate Studies)

Submit all the items listed above electronically directly to:
Dr. Silvia Bompadre
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Physics and Astronomy
320 Physics Bldg.
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

All students who are currently receiving a scholarship are also required to submit an application every year if they desire to have their scholarships renewed.