Bridging Physics and AI: Pioneering Advances in Computational Material Science

Dr. Romero
Dr. Paul Miceli
Physics 120

Join us for “Bridging Physics and AI: Pioneering Advances in Computational Material Science a keynote presentation by Dr. Aldo Romero, College of Arts & Science – Physics & Astronomy, MizzouForward faculty candidate.  Dr. Romero will present on his research for approximately 40-minutes with a 20-minute question and answer session to follow.

Prof. Aldo Romero is an Eberly Family Distinguished Professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department at West Virginia University. With expertise in theoretical physics and computational material science, he has significantly contributed to high-performance computing applications, software development, and electronic structure research. Romero's academic journey includes Ph.Ds.  in Theoretical Chemistry and Theoretical Physics from the University of California, San Diego, and a post-doctoral fellowship in Germany. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, co-organized international scientific events, and served as an editor for several academic journals. His work is recognized through various awards and as a fellow of the American Physical Society. As an educator, Romero has developed and taught courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, integrating innovative methodologies and cutting-edge topics like machine learning and neural networks into his curriculum.


Prof. Aldo Romero is a distinguished researcher in theoretical condensed matter physics, particularly in computational material science. With a profound understanding of high-performance computing applications and expertise in various programming languages, he has significantly contributed to developing electronic structures and computational packages. His research is marked by a strong publication record in peer-reviewed journals, highlighting his expertise in diverse areas like computational nano magnetism, materials prediction, and the theoretical characterization of materials. Additionally, Romero's experience as an academic editor and involvement in various invited talks and keynotes demonstrate his commitment to advancing the field through research and scholarly communication.