Physics Leaders

Year Alumni Faculty Fellows


Dorina Kosztin
Ullrich Carsten


Suchi Guha
Angela Speck


Ioan Kosztin
Ping Yu


Wouter Montfrooij
Xiaoqin Zou


Karen King
Bahram Mashhoon


Gavin King
Aigen Li


Paul Miceli
Haojing Yan

Leaders Meeting Fall 2014
Agenda Physics Leaders 2014
Physics and Astronomy Newsletter 2014

Leaders Meeting Fall 2013
Agenda Physics Leaders 2013
Physics and Astronomy Newsletter 2013

Leaders Meeting Fall 2012
State of the Department, Faculty and Research (Peter Pfeifer)
Annual Status Report, Graduate Program (Carsten Ullrich)
Annual Status Report, Undergraduate Program (Dorina Kosztin)
PhysTEC Grant and TOP Teacher Program (Karen King)
Physics and Astronomy Department Newsletter 2012

Physics Leaders 2012

Front row (left to right): Gerald Fishman, Linda Godwin, Paul Leath, Don Packwood, and Jim Seeser;
Back row (left to right): Henry White, Bill Kennedy, Dan Voss, Mohammed Salehpour, John Bogdanor, Chris Wallace, Rosalie Graves, and Carl Anderson