Cryo-EM Sample to Structure Pipeline @MU

Dr. Min Su, Director of The Center for Electron Microscopy, University of Missouri
Guang Bian
Physics Library

Cryo–electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has been proven a powerful tool visualizing biological specimen. Method developments in single-particle analysis (SPA) and in situ tomography have enabled more structures to be imaged and determined to attenable resolutions. Sample-to-structure pipeline is essential for an imaging Core in improving the productivity and efficiency in structural determination. As the Director, I am leading the MU Electron Microscopy Core (EMC) in collaboration with MU research laboratories from Physics, Material Science, Computer Science, Biochemistry etc. to develop and implement such a unique pipeline housed in NextGen. Cryo-EM will continue its remarkable growth in technology advancement in the next decades. MU provides great centralized microscopy resource at EMC for scientists from all fields to advance their career and research. We welcome collaborations.