Ultrafast laser system in MU: new tools for nonlinear optics and time-resolved spectroscopy

Prof. Suchi Guha, University of Missouri
Guang Bian
Physics Library



As part of an NSF- MRI award, we have established an amplified ultrafast laser laboratory. The ultrafast laser system is applicable to a broad range of multidisciplinary problems, including transport of carriers in organic electronics and quantum materials, quasiparticle dynamics in multifunctional materials, second and higher harmonic generation, laser pulse shaping, and basic research on the spectroscopy of all materials - from hard to soft condensed matter materials.


In this presentation, I will briefly discuss the capabilities of the laser system and show our preliminary results in the area of nonlinear optics, in particular, a time-resolved optical method for monitoring transport in devices, and time-resolved spectroscopic studies from halide perovskites.