Spring Semester
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
3/5/24 Alec Martin & Tom Sun
Selected Topics from the 2024 Winter AAS Meeting
2/20/24 Vicki Kuhn
(Comprehensive Exam) Mapping Physics Properties of Spiral Galaxies Over Cosmic Time
2/6/24 Prof. Christopher Howk (Notre Dame)
Observing the Global Evolution of Baryons, Metals, and Dust with Cosmic Time
1/23/24 Prof. Adam Helfer
Thermodynamics in a gravitational radiation zone
Fall Semester
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
12/5/23 Prof. Aaron Romanowsky (San Jose State University)
New views of early star cluster and galaxy formation
11/28/23 Vicki Kuhn
Spirals in Galaxies: A Review
11/14/23 Tom Sun
Comprehensive Exam: Galaxy Luminosity Functions at z ~ 7 - 10 from JWST
11/7/23 Prof. Haojing Yan
When did the first disk galaxies emerge?
10/31/23 Teja Teppala
Hydrodynamical Simulations of the Galaxy Population: Successes and Challenges
10/24/23 Alec Martin
Strong Lensing by Galaxies: Review of the Past, Present & Future
10/17/23 Gourab Nandi
Candidate Dark Matter Stars observed by JWST
10/10/23 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
The Hellings-Downs correlation curve and detection of gravitational waves by pulsar timing array
10/3/23 Harold Quiroz
Characterizing the true descendants of the first stars
9/26/23 Prof. Dale Kocevski (Colby College)
Insights into Black Hole Growth in the Early Universe with JWST
9/19/23 Yunchong Wang (Stanford University)
Towards a unified model for dwarf galaxy formation with UniverseMachine