Physics Leaders Awards

Spring 2022

Students presented their research during the Leaders meeting that took place on April 15th, 2022. The following students were recognized:

Undergraduate Students:

1st place
Cole Vogt (Advisor Prof. Haojing Yan) " Revisit of morphological types of ULIRG host galaxies in the local universe: irregular vs. disky"

Ben Krewson (REU project)Defect dynamics of quenched stripe patterns

2nd place
Troy Schneider (REU project)Structured glass-ceramic scintillators

Graduate Students:

1st place
Creighton Lisowski (Advisor: Prof. Ioan Kosztin) "Automated detection and identification of membrane proteins in atomic force microscopy images using machine learning"

2nd place
Dylan Weaver (Advisor: Prof. Gavin King) “The conformations and basal conformational dynamics of translocation factor SecDF vary with translocon SecYEG interaction”

3rd place
Amarnath Chakraborty (Advisor: Prof. Giovanni Vignale) “Faraday rotation in Birefringent nonsymmorphic 2D material