Tom Heitmann

Tom Heitmann Photo
Research Assistant Professor
230K-1, MU Research Reactor

PhD, University of Wisconsin

Research Summary

Neutron scattering investigations of novel magnetic states and ionic conduction in solids.

Research Description

Prof. Heitmann utilizes a variety of neutron scattering techniques to probe magnetic interactions of electron spins on a lattice. The systems of interest range from exotic ground states resulting from low dimensionality and geometric frustration, as in the search for a quantum spin liquid, to materials with competing ground states or ones exhibiting multifunctional behavior such as multiferroics or magnetocalorics. The neutron scattering experiments are largely conducted on the four instruments of the MU Research Reactor consisting of a triple-axis spectrometer, two diffractometers, and a neutron reflectometer. He also makes use of the national user facilities when advanced techniques are required, such as quasielastic neutron spectroscopy on backscattering spectrometers to study Li+ or Na+ ionic conduction in solids.