Wouter Montfrooij

Wouter Montfrooij
Associate Professor
418 Physics

PhD. University of Delft

Research Summary

Quantum phase transitions in solids and liquids.

Research Description

Prof. Montfrooij’s main research interest is the study of phase transitions in condensed matter. Of particular interest are phase transitions in which the ordered phase does not occur until zero Kelvin, the so-called quantum phase transitions. These transitions are different from ‘classical’ phase transitions in the sense that quantum fluctuations are more important than thermal fluctuations, resulting in a new type of ordering behavior. These transitions are primarily studied by means of neutron scattering experiments, and by susceptibility and transport measurements. Also, Montfrooij researches magnetic moments in liquid metals, the superfluid phase of liquid helium (a phase in which the fluid has zero viscosity), and the magnetic properties of spinel structures, such as magnetite (better known as lodestone).

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