Haojing Yan

Haojing Yan
Associate Professor
134A Physics

PhD. Arizona State University

Research Summary

Galaxy formation and evolution.

Research Description

Prof. Yan is an observational astronomer who has a broad interest in galaxy formation and evolution, and is an active user of a variety of ground-based and space-based telescopes and their archives. Currently Haojing is largely focused on searching for and understanding galaxies in the early universe when it was only less than ~ 1 billion years after the Big Bang (or in other words, ~ 13 billion years ago), and on investigating the mass assembly history of galaxies over cosmic time. He has been leading a large program, “Hubble Infrared Pure Parallel Imaging Extragalactic Survey” (HIPPIES), using the data obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope. He has been deeply involved in a number of other space-based survey programs, such as the “Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey” (GOODS) and the “Spitzer Extended Deep Survey” (SEDS), and most recently the “Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey” (CANDELS).

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