Spring Semester
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
5/3/22 Teja Teppala
Investigating Star Formation in Low-mass Galaxies
4/26/22 Alec Martin
Properties and Evolution of UV-Bright Star-Forming Clumps
4/19/22 Dr. BoMee Lee (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute / Caltech)
Proving the nature of dark matter with the future surveys: galaxy shapes and redshift measurements
4/12/22 Dr. Fuyan Bian (European Southern Observatory)
Evolution of Ionized Interstellar Medium Over Cosmic Time
3/15/22 Dr. Raymond Simons (Space Telescope Science Institute)
The Kinematic and Chemical Transformation of Galaxies Over the Past 11 Billion Years
3/8/22 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
Strong-Field Gravity Tests with the Double Pulsar
3/1/22 Zhiyuan Ji (University of Massachusetts)
Galaxy quenching at the Cosmic Noon Epoch
2/22/22 Dr. Maria Celeste Artale (University of Padova)
Modeling the host galaxies of binary compact objects across cosmic time
2/15/22 Dr. John Pharo
Star Formation in Strongly Lensed High-z Galaxies
2/8/22 Prof. Haojing Yan
Astronomical Decadal Survey 2020
2/1/22 Prof. Adam Helfer
Undecidability in logic and in physics (a report on work of Cubitt, Perez-Garcia and Wolf)
1/25/22 Prof. Adam Helfer
The Anthropic Principle
Fall Semester
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
12/7/21 Vishal Jayswal
A Point Mass Placed in Cosmological Background
11/30/21 Alec Martin
Demographics of Giant UV Star-forming Clumps at 0.5 < z < 1 in UVCANDELS
11/16/21 Dr. Bekir Baytas
Faithful realizations of semiclassical truncations in quantum gravity