Fall Semester
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
10/10/23 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
The Hellings-Downs correlation curve and detection of gravitational waves by pulsar timing array
10/3/23 Harold Quiroz
Characterizing the true descendants of the first stars
9/26/23 Prof. Dale Kocevski (Colby College)
Insights into Black Hole Growth in the Early Universe with JWST
9/19/23 Yunchong Wang (Stanford University)
Towards a unified model for dwarf galaxy formation with UniverseMachine
9/12/23 Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Summer Astronomy Research Showcase

* Jayden Francois (Tidal Disruption Events and Their Host Galaxies)

* Logan Chambers (Low Surface Brightness Galaxies)

* Donovan Flagg (Nuclear Astrophysics)

* Julianna Bayless and Ellie Gates (Gravitational Lensing)

9/5/23 Prof. Adam Helfer
Can Measurements Change Hilbert Space? (II)
8/29/23 Prof. Adam Helfer
Can Measurements Change Hilbert Space? (I)
Spring Semester
Date Speaker/Title/Abstract
5/2/23 Alec Martin
"Resolving" tension between JWST observations and LCDM
4/25/23 Charles Mentzer
Red Stars over PAHs
4/18/23 Prof. Sergei Kopeikin
Gravitational signal propagation and aberration effects in the double pulsar
4/11/23 Tom Sun
Matured Clusters from eROSITA: its synergy in studying environmentally dependent starburst activities
4/4/23 Harold Quiroz
Machine Learning in present day Astronomy and Astrophysics
3/21/23 Teja Teppala
Exploring quenching in the high redshift universe
3/14/23 Gourab Nandi
Discovery of Massive Galaxies at z~7 by JWST?
3/7/23 Vicki Kuhn
Can JWST reveal the Hubble Sequence at High Redshift?