Student Testimonials

Find out about what some of our current and former students think about the physics program at MU. The combination of great teaching, excellent research opportunities for undergraduates and the unique atmosphere of Columbia leads to a rich college experience for our students — both academically and socially.

Five physics majors describe their experience as undergraduates in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Sophomore Daniels Van Hoesen, and junior Nathan Frey describe their research experience while seniors Laura Hosmer, Mike Jaris and Cody Allard describe how the physics degree helped them with their engineering degree. Watch and listen to what our students have to say about majoring with a degree in physics.


Nick Kullman
“Studying abroad is always regarded as ‘fun,’ ‘different,’ ‘exciting,’ etc. so going in, I was expecting all of these different feelings, I just didn’t know how they would present themselves.  I have since found that they hit you full force (but somehow discretely) every day.
Mike Jaris

“As a graduating senior I have spoken with many students, universities, and employers about prospective work (graduate school, industry, etc.) and can confidently say that the dual degree in physics and electrical engineering has given me opportunities that would have never been possible otherwise.

Lucas Miller

Lucas is a senior physics major from St Louis, MO, who enjoys more than just physics: singing in several of the choral programs on campus, participating at the campus Newman Center, working out, wrestling, and hanging out with my friends.

Lorien Xanthe Hayden

Lorien is a senior physics major from Ashland, MO, who never thought that majoring in physics would literally involve lying on a bed of nails and enjoy it!

Diana Bolser

Why Diana, a senior physics major, from St Louis, MO loves being a physics major: “The physics department is relatively small compared to other departments at Mizzou. As a result, it’s

Corrine Fletcher
Corrine Fletcher is a senior physics major who wanted to share her summer research experience with other students. Read her account of a summer spent doing research.
Cody Allard

“When I began my freshman year, I declared my major as Mechanical Engineering.  Two of the required classes for ME are University Physics I and II.  I thoroughly enjoyed both of the classes and beginning in my second semester I started tutoring physics through the Student Success Center.

Anthony Pace

Anthony graduated with a B.S. in physics from MU and has chosen to apply the extensive knowledge and problem-solving skills he gained from physics in graduate school towards chemical/nuclear engineering.