Fall 2017

MU Awards ceremony

Left: Prof. Haojing Yan, middle: Prof. David Singh, right: Prof. Paul Miceli, at the MU Awards ceremony.

Three physics faculty were recognized during the MU Awards ceremony:

Paul Miceli was recognized for his 25 years of service to the University. Paul is also Kemper Award winner and a recipient of the Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in the recent years.

Dr. William (Bill) Brinkman

Dr. William (Bill) Brinkman was presented with our department’s Distinguished Alumni Lifetime Career Award during the Friday evening banquet of our recent annual Physics Leaders gathering on October 13, 2017.  Dr.

Award recipients

Left: Joe Schaeperkoetter
Middle: Prof. Angela Speck
Right: Prof. Suchi Guha

Every year, the Physics Leaders select two students to be recognized for an an outstanding presentation of research. This year's recipients of the Physics Leaders award are Joe Schaeperkoetter (graduate student) and Pierce Bloebaum (undergraduate student).

Alessandro Mazza

Fourth-year physics doctoral candidate Alessandro Mazza (left) works on an ultra-high vacuum called X3B2 with physics graduate student Alexander Daykin in Prof. Paul Miceli's lab.

“For more than 50 years, Moore's Law has reigned supreme. The observation that the number of transistors on a computer chip doubles roughly every two years has set the pace for our modern digital revolution—making smartphones, personal computers and current supercomputers possible.

Physics Bldg

The annual Physics Leaders' meeting takes place on Friday, Oct 13th, 2017. An agenda of all activities is included. Everybody is welcome to attend!

Physics Newsletter 2017

Abigail Warden and Prof. Carlos Wexler

On September 12, 2017, MU Office of Undergraduate Research hosted a poster session for undergraduate students, providing them with the opportunity to present their summer research conducted off-campus. Shown in the picture is physics major, Abigail Warden, explaining her summer research to Prof.

Solar Eclipse

This is a conference on various topics in physics and astronomy, including a few critiques of Thomas Curtright in view of the five decades he has enjoyed impersonating a physicist.  (August 21st is his 69th birthday.)

Summer 2017

Haojing Yan

Congratulations to Prof. Haojing Yan! He is this year's recipient of the 2017 Provost Outstanding Junior Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award!

Spring 2017

Physics graduates 2017

(from left to right) Prof. Haojing Yan, Jacob Brown, Tina Rezaie Matin, Andrew Gillespie, and Prof. Gavin King at commencement 2017!

The Physics and Astronomy Department would like to congratulate all physics majors (undergraduates and graduate students) who received their BS, MS or PhD and wishes them all the best in their future careers! Congratulations!!!


Prof. Ping Yu

The Outstanding Advising Award promotes and encourages recognition of outstanding advising services to the students of the University of Missouri. Prof. Ping Yu is one of the two recipients of the award this year.